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Cowboy e-bikes operate through a sophisticated pedal-assist system. Equipped with a smart sensor, the bike responds to your pedaling, providing an extra boost of power as needed.

At our Copenhagen-based workshop, we understand that e-bike maintenance can be confusing and expensive. That’s why we’ve divided our services into two categories for easy understanding of how we perform and calculate your service needs. 

We recognize the symptoms of the most common service requirements and sort them out efficiently to save you time and hassle. Although it’s possible to do some of these services yourself, we don’t recommend it unless you have the necessary knowledge and equipment. We’ve found that bike shops aren’t always the best solution unless it’s a certified Cowboy mechanic working on your e-bike.

However, we’re always at your disposal if things don’t work out as planned. Trust us to get your Cowboy e-bike up and running smoothly and efficiently, so you can enjoy all the benefits of riding an e-bike in Copenhagen.

Percentage is based on numbers of cases we performed the services in the last 3 years!
Advanced (Motor assistance - Electronic parts replacment - Noices from the rear wheel - Brake bleeding - etc..)
Basic (Brake pads - tires - set up new bike - accessories add-on - parts greesing - etc..)
Our successful ratio!

Motor Assistance

If your Cowboy 3 doesn’t have motor assistance the problem might be related to the torque sensor, motor cover or controller. Our diagnosis, based on value readings helps us identify the cause so that we can quickly replace the component. Sometimes a damaged motor cable, which often occurs due, to kickstand installation could be causing the issue. For Cowboy 4 the typical problems are usually related to the controller or occasionally the poke yoke nuts but don’t worry – both of these issues are easily fixable.

Advanced Service

Prices start at 700kr

Delayed Motor Assistance

If your Cowboy 3 experiences a delayed motor start, the culprit is often the motor cover. Our solution involves swift replacement, ensuring a prompt and efficient response from the motor.

Advanced Service

Priced starting from 600kr

Noises around the motor

If you’re hearing noises from the rear wheel of your Cowboy 3, common causes include issues with the bearing of the torque sensor or the motor cover. Our diagnosis will identify the precise source, and if needed, we can address it promptly. Fortunately, Cowboy 4 is designed to mitigate these specific problems, offering a smoother and quieter riding experience.

Advanced service

Price from 600kr

Weak Brakes

For weak brakes on your Cowboy e-bike, we offer two solutions:

  1. Bleeding Service for Squeaky Levers: If your brake levers are squeaky and not fully engaged, they likely need to be bled for optimal performance. Opt for our advanced service, starting from 600kr, to ensure your brakes are in top condition.

  2. Pad Replacement for Torn Pads: If the brake pads are torn, you can choose between our Cowboy original pads or our new Ceramic pads. This basic service, starting from 180kr, provides a cost-effective solution to keep your brakes in excellent shape.


Tires Change & Upgrade

Elevate your riding experience by upgrading your tires with our carefully selected, compatible brands. Our basic service, starting from 400kr, ensures a seamless tire change, offering improved performance and durability for your Cowboy e-bike. Ride confidently with our quality tire upgrades tailored to enhance your cycling journey.


Belt Noises

If you’re experiencing noises from the belt on your Cowboy 3 or any Cowboy 4, it may be due to incorrect tension or dirt accumulation. Our basic service, starting from 200kr, addresses these issues, ensuring proper tension and cleanliness for a quieter and more enjoyable ride. Trust us to keep your Cowboy running smoothly.

Disconnection while riding

If your Cowboy 3 frequently experiences disconnections or, in some cases, Cowboy 4 models encounter this issue, we provide a reliable solution. Our basic service, starting from 350kr, includes adding a spacer or replacing damaged connectors. Count on us to address these issues promptly, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted riding experience.


Wheel Truing

If either wheel starts to wobble or becomes buckled, our basic service, starting from 300kr, includes wheel truing to straighten and restore optimal alignment. Ensure a smooth and balanced ride by entrusting us to true your Cowboy e-bike wheels, maintaining safety and performance on the road.

New Bike Setup / Adding Accessories

Ensure your new Cowboy e-bike is perfectly configured or enhance your current ride with accessories. Our basic service, starting from 300kr, includes expert setup and accessory installation. Ride with confidence, knowing your bike is tailored to your preferences and ready for any adventure. Trust us for a seamless setup and customization experience.