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Our mission

As a travel agency based in Copenhagen, our main focus is to provide friendly and sustainable e-bike tours. We were really impressed by the performance of Cowboy e-bikes so we decided to include them in our fleet along with the known Danish brand To ensure that our e-bikes are always in condition we also became certified Cowboy mechanics. This means that not do we offer amazing travel experiences but we also take care of all the maintenance needs of our e-bikes. Our goal is to provide reliable and professional services to riders and avoid any issues that may arise from unprofessional street shops.

Our dedication goes beyond offering great tours. By being certified Cowboy mechanics we prioritize the long term durability and performance of our fleet ensuring that riders can enjoy an enjoyable ride, through Copenhagens beautiful landscapes. why don’ t you join our happy community! 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of sustainable e-bike experiences, setting the standard for eco-friendly travel in Copenhagen. We aim to create a community of riders who not only cherish our scenic tours but also trust in our commitment to excellence, reliability, and environmental responsibility. By seamlessly integrating top-tier brands like Cowboy and into our fleet and maintaining them with certified expertise, we aspire to redefine the paradigm of urban travel. Our vision extends beyond tours; we see ourselves as pioneers in promoting sustainable and professional e-bike services, influencing a shift towards a greener and more enjoyable urban mobility landscape.

We’re proud of our partners