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Must Have Sprays If You Have Cowboy!

Must have sprays if you have Cowboy!

Cowboy Bike service must have sprays wd 40 copenhagen denmark
We are using our Cowboy on daily basis, it helps us in our business and personal lives!, thus, we need to take care of it, a happy cowboy makes a happy rider!
Here is a list of some sprays that is a must to have on your shelves to make your Cowboy happy!
1 – WD-40 silikone
What is it? It is a lubricant and protectant specifically designed for non-metal surfaces and situations where a traditional oil-based lubricant might not be ideal.
Where? Your belt, nothing more effective than WD40 Silikone to clean and protect your valuable belt “500Kr “against humidity and squeaking sounds. Your freewheel also needs some love after some work in Denmark’ wet weather, a bit of WD-40 Silikone will fully protect it other than repels water from this sensitive area
2 – WD-40 PTFE
What is it? PTFE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene, commonly known as Teflon. It’s a synthetic fluoropolymer known for its Low friction and non-stickiness
Where? Your brake callipers, do you know that 70% of brake problems “weak or non-working” in Cowboy are coming from stick pistons in the calliper, when it comes to C4 with Sunrace brake, it is a must to clean your calliper from inside with WD-40 PTFE, “know your brake system from this link”, every month, or every 2 weeks if you ride your cowboy in wet and harsh weather! 
The rest of problems “30%” will come from torn pads or lack of oil “needs bleeding”, however we notice once calliper is clean and pistons are not sticking when braking, pads will have much longer life and bleeding is not as usual as it and moreover, no need to replace the calliper “300Kr”,  
Gentle Cleaning:
Skip harsh chemicals! Use warm water, soap, and microfiber cloths to clean your Cowboy’s frame for lasting paint protection.
Important Note:
Never use WD-40 or oil-based lubricants on your Cowboy (except for rust removal on Cowboy 3 wheel nuts, please remove the wheel and do the process away from your Cowboy).
We guarantee a happy Cowboy and a happy rider if you follow the above!
Cowboy Bike Service Team